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Security Film Offers Extra Home Protection

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Security Film Offers Extra Home Protection

Since 1976, A Plus Quality Window Tint has been providing the Bridgeville, Pittsburgh & Tri-State area Community with high quality window tinting products and services.

With our window tinting films, you can save energy all year round and enjoy a natural view without covering your window. Our films also block 99.9% if ultraviolet rays and controls fading on your furniture.

On the off chance that a window that has had window film connected to it is broken, the film can keep the glass from falling into the room.

In the event of broken glass, window film will limit injury and damage to people and property. Even if a window breaks, the window film will keep out the weather until the glass can be replaces. In face. safety/ security films have proven tested standards.

We offer quality services at affordable prices serving Bridgeville, Pittsburgh & the Tri-State Area. Call us today for a free estimate! (412) 221-6800

Are you doing enough to protect your home from possible intruders and thieves?
Home protection is something we all worry about. Are you locking your doors? Paying for an expensive alarm or home monitoring system? Hiding or locking valuables in a safe?

There is one more thing you should be doing!
Add an extra layer of home protection with Llumar Security Film, installed by A Plus Quality Window Tint! Security window film is a highly effective and affordable way to discourage and prevent intruders.

Watch the video to see how security film adds an extra layer of home protection!

The video shows real live footage of two men attempting to gain entry to an Alabama pharmacy by smashing the storefront glass. What these men did not know was that Llumar Security Film had been applied to the glass. The exterior security cameras show their unsuccessful attempt, as well as them giving up and running away without ever gaining entry into the building. The interior camera footage shows that, although there was some minor damage to the glass, the security film held the glass intact so the men could not enter the building.

“Llumar security film deters forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate, encouraging would-be intruders and thieves to seek other targets.”

“Made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives, these films provide a clear and invisible – yet powerful – barrier that helps hold glass in place in the event of an impact or earthquake. While this barrier helps protect you against the damaging effects of flying shattered glass, it also makes it more difficult for an intruder to smash through your windows quickly.” (source)

Our customers feel safe and secure knowing that their property and loved ones are protected by this extra layer of home protection. Want to see more? Security film saved the day when an intruder tried to break into a business of one our clients.

Want to do everything in your power to protect your home and your family? Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.


What our clients say

Doug B. HomeAdvisor Review

“He has a small business and does a good job: he is very thorough, accommodating schedule-wise and polite. He does a lot of windows for us and whenever he is unable to make the schedule he will find contractor to work through him. Also, his prices are where they should be!”

Cole T. HomeAdvisor Review

“He did 78 offices and 150 work stations for us. They did it in a timely manner. Very quick and good at what they do. Easy to work with. Fairly responsive in getting us bids. Would prefer invoices broken down.”

David DiLeo A Plus Quality Window Tint Customer Review

“We had residential tinting applied to several windows in our home. Tony and his team were fantastic. They were very accommodating with exceptional attention to detail. In addition, they left the rooms and windows spotless after installation. I would highly recommend Tony and A Plus to anyone. Tony, thanks for the great work!”

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